Eine Kneipe auf Malle / A bar on Majorca


Saturday 25.11.2017 | 17:30

hosted by Master-Studierende der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien

Essen, Germany, 2016. Two obsolete apparitions: Super 8mm film stock, Kodachrome K40,
exposed 30 years past its expiry date – and the far-right National Democratic Party of
Germany (NPD).
On January 17th, 2017, the second, four-year long trial on a proposed ban of the NPD ended.
The German Supreme Court decided against the ban. A party that seems too insignificant to
prohibit its existence.
A short film on the human tendency to find patterns in noise. A film on conspiracy theory, on
the state of the left, and on how ideology is transported through the selection of seemingly
neutral facts.
The title alludes to the NPDs former national chairman, who, since leaving the party in 2013,
owns a bar in Palma.

R: Marian Mayland
DE 2017 | OF | 15′


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