Stand-By Office


Saturday 25.11.2017 | 19:30

hosted by Cana Bilir-Meier

We are introduced to a group of people within an office environment. Everyday work gestures
are observed throughout the building. Nothing seems out of place. As the camera leads us
steadily through the rooms our perception of this particular space gradually changes. We are
left wondering: what does this office mean to this group of people?

Randa Maroufi was educated at art academies in Morocco and France. Her work ranges from
film, photography and installations to audio and performances and examines the use of public
spaces and gender issues. Maroufi lives and works in Paris. Her short film, LE PARK (2015),
got the special mention of the jury at International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2016.

R: Randa Maroufi
FR/LB/NL/RO 2017 | OF | 13′ 20

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