Saturday 25.11.2017 | 13:00

hosted by Amina Handke

This raw authentic documentary film tells the story of René whose life was being captured on
camera since he was seventeen. The camera followed his hopeless journey between prison
and brief periods outside the prison walls. In 2008 the film comes to an end, leaving the now
37-year- old René as a sick man who still gets in trouble with the law and who is also the
author of two published books. Director Helena Třeštíková records René’s personal
developments against the backdrop of significant political transformations taking place in
Central Europe.

Helena Trestikova graduated from the Department of Documentary Film at FAMU, Prague.
Since l974 she has worked as a professional documentary filmmaker, and has made around
fifty documentary films of various lengths and formats, mostly on the themes of human
relationships and various social issues. Later on she started to specialize on so called time-
lapse documentaries – long term observation of people´s destiny. Since winter 2002 she
became a professor at FAMU, Documentary department. Last years she started to closely
cooperate with Negativ production, that produced Helena Trestikova´s documentary Marcela
in 2007. The film was awarded „Best Czech documentary“ prize in Pilsen 2007 and also won
the prize for the „Best European documentary“ in Sevilla IFF.

R: Helena Třeštíková
CZ 2008 | 35 mm | OmeU | 83′

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