Estás Vendo Coisas / You are seeing things


Friday 24.11.2017 | 20:00

hosted by Cana Bilir-Meier

In the darkness of a nightclub, hairdresser Porck and firefighter Dayana try their luck as Brega
singers while plotting their course from studio to stage. Gestures are followed by melodies
about love, betrayal, luxury and power in an experimental docu- mentary about how pop
music is expe- rienced as a new form of labour in the Northeast of Brazil.

Wagner / de Burca are interested in the space documentary and art both share. Recent
investigations concentrate on collective practices and traditional rituals manifested in the
body of youths living in the peripheries of Brazil’s Northeast which lose their connotations of
symbolic resistance to become products of tourism and the entertainment industry.

R: Bárbara Wagner und Benjamin de Burca
BR 2017 | OmeU | 17′ 34


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